International Student Admission Requirements for Ireland

Electronic Transfer of Funds

Electronic Transfer of Funds

A statement of purpose giving a favorable impression of an individual and covering the reasons for selecting a course, the suitability of education, relevant experience in the field, personal interests and career goals is also required. A detailed Curriculum Vita is also a must.

The Funding Requirements specify about sufficient funds to support the stay in Ireland without needing public funds, or the relying on casual employment.

The Bank Account must reflect a good credit record for over six months immediately prior to making the application.

As a minimum of €7,000 are required they must be made available during the first year of studies. Any deposits made during the three months prior to application must be fully explained, and have supporting evidence.

You must also have access to at least €7,000 for each subsequent year of studies, and to the course fees.

Bank statements should have name, address, landline telephone, e-mail and website addresses of the branch where account is held. The housing options available are Self catering accommodation, campus accommodation and Family based accommodation.

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