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Tuition Fees

Fees vary as per the course / university. The cost of living in Ireland depends on the lifestyle pursued by the student.

Students who are applying at higher education institutions for undergraduate courses in Ireland need to qualify under the Free Fees Scheme to get the exemption for paying the tuition fees. The University or college, which the student has applied for, will decide whether the student is qualified for the free fees scheme or not.

Apart from the tuition fees, students are requested to pay the Service Charge, which is approximately 2.250€ per academic year. Students take examinations and will get various services through Student Service Charge.

EU students have to pay the tuition fees, if they want to enroll for a postgraduate course in Ireland. EU students pay less tuition fees than non-EU students.

For non-EU students, the tuition fee varies largely among study programs and institutes.

Sample Budget for 1 Academic Year.

Accommodation: €2,500-5,000.

Textbooks: €600.

Food and household: €1,500-2,500.

Food costs can vary depending where you live and shop. You may spend around €70-100 a week on food

Other expenses (such as travel, social life, healthcare): €1,000-2,500.

If a student is attending Internationalization course he/she will have get number 2 printed certified on your passport. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in term time or up to 40 hours per week during college vacation. The stamp will be valid until the student finish the course of study.

If you are not attending such a course, you will not be entitled to take up part-time work or engage in any business or profession. You will get stamp number 2A on your passport. This stamp gives you permission to remain until you have finished your course.

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