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Ireland belongs to that set of countries which are booming rapidly and consistently at the same time in the global arena, be it any sector. With less population and more opportunities, no doubt that Ireland’s going great guns in education sector, increasingly drawing students year by year. Let’s look at Ireland’s details in brief!

Ireland has remarkable literature, traditional lyrics and folk music, exquisite dances, ancient historic cities, beautiful countryside, and rich culture. Irish people are simple, family oriented, hospitable and friendly. It has a beautiful coastline, Water sports, hill walking, rock climbing and caving, which can be pursued in case a student needs a break from study. The vibrant and cosmopolitan nature, Variety of musical and cultural attractions, entertainment venues, Museums, Art galleries, theatres and restaurants dotting the cities make life interesting.

The city of Dublin is energized by great restaurants, chic boutiques, traditional pubs, exquisite art galleries, vibrant urban parks, and rooted architecture. Its fascinating history and colorful location by the Irish Sea make it a pleasant place to stay and study.

Ireland is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The Irish Sea has separated Ireland from Great Britain. Geographically, it is half the size of Arkansas;Ireland looks a lot alike a basin except in the Dublin region. The hills and mountains are low with the highest peaks. Shannon is the principal river which begins in the north-central area, flows to the south and southwest. It ends into the Atlantic.

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